Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

Welcome to the Moores Cancer Center Training Programs

at UC San Diego

The UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center offers 17 training programs to a broad range of students who are interested in a career in combating cancer. There are 4 M.D. fellowships, 3 residency programs, 5 postdoctoral and Ph.D research fellowships, and 5 undergraduate research fellowships. Through these training programs, the Moores Cancer Center will produce:

  • Links from bench science to translational medicine and new technology and patient treatment
  • Skilled clinicians with knowledge of underserved population issues
  • Ph.D and postdoctoral trainees are key drivers of new IP and therefore eventual clinical trials
  • Undergraduate trainees form an underrepresented minority rich pipeline for graduate training programs and medical school

Meet Our Current Trainees

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