Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

CRIN - Cancer Researchers in Nanotechnology

PIs: Robert Mattrey, MD and Andrew Kummel, PhD

CRIN trains 7 graduate students, postdocs, and MD fellows in nanotechnology in cancer research. State matching funds allow two additional URM graduate students to be supported at 60% level.

Interested Applicants


Name Department Clinical Mentor Basic Research Mentor
Cassandra CallmannChemistryMattrey MD (Radiology)Gianneschi PhD (Chemistry)
Ronnie Fang, PhDNanoEngineeringHowell MD (Medicine)Zhang PhD (NanoEng)
Brian LukBioegineeringBall MD (Medicine)Zhang PhD (NanoEng)
Natalie MendezMaterials Science and EngBlair MD (Surgery)Kummel PhD (Chemistry)
Maria Proetto, PhDChemistry and BiochemistryHowell MD (Medicine)Gianneschi PhD (Chemistry)
Ajay SapreBioengineeringReid MD PhD (Medicine)Esener PhD (NanoEng)
Elaine SkowronskiNanoEngineeringKipps MD PhD (Medicine)Heller PhD (NanoEng)
James WangChemical EngineeringBlair MD (Surgery)Kummel PhD (Chemistry)
Yasan YehBioengineeringCarson MD (Medicine)Esener PhD (NanoEng)

Former Trainees

Name Department Clinical Mentor Basic Research Mentor
Csilla FelsenMSTP MD-PhD ProgramBouvet MD (Surgery)Tsien PhD (Pharmacology)
Alexander Liberman, PhDMaterials Science and EngBlair MD (Surgery)Kummel PhD (Chemistry)
Carolyn Schutt, PhDBioengineeringMattrey MD (Radiology)Esener PhD (NanoEng)
Casey Ta, PhDElec and Computer EngMattrey MD (Radiology)Kummel PhD (Chemistry)
Alexander Vezeridis, MD PhDRadiologyMattrey MD (Radiology)Tsien PhD (Pharmacology)
Richard Virgen-Slane, PhDPharmacologyMundt MD (Rad Onc)Tsien PhD (Pharmacology)

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