Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

CT2 - Cancer Therapeutics Training Program

PI: Stephen Howell, MD

CT2 provides both scientists and physician-scientists an intensive two-year period of post-doctoral hands-on training in developmental therapeutics focused on cancer drugs and mentored by individuals from both academia and industry who are national leaders in each part of the development process. There are 8 current trainees.

Interested Applicants


Name Department Mentor
Kristin Bompiani-Myers, PhDCancer CenterStephen Howell, MD (Medicine)
Joe Delaney, PhDCancer CenterDwayne Stupack, PhD (Reproductive Medicine)
Alex Kislukhin, PhDPharmacologyRoger Tsien, PhD (Pharmacology) and Eric Ahrens (Radiology)
Miguel Santiago-Medina, PhDPharmacologyJing Yang, PhD (Pharmacology)
Florian Sulzmaier, PhDCancer CenterDavid Schlaepfer, PhD (Reproductive Medicine)
Kristen Turner, PhDCancer Center/LudwigPaul Mischel, MD (Pathology)
Joe Wawryzniak, PhDCancer CenterDavid Cheresh, PhD (Pathology)
Shu Zhou, PhDPharmacologyPaul Insel, MD (Pharmacology)

Former Trainees

Name Department Mentor
Hazem Ali, PhDCancer CenterSadik Esener, PhD (Bioengineering)
Jeffery Chakedis, MDSurgeryAndrew Lowy, MD (Surgery)
Stuart Ibsen, PhDCancer CenterMichael Heller, PhD (NanoEngineering)
Shumei Kato, MDMedicineDavid Cheresh, PhD (Pathology)
Katelyn McCabe, PhDCancer CenterDwayne Stupack, PhD (Reproductive Medicine)
Jacqueline Sayyah, PhDPharmacologyJoan Heller Brown, PhD (Pharmacology)
Cheng-Yu (Olivia) Tsai, PhDCancer CenterStephen Howell, MD (Medicine)

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