Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

CURE - UCSD Cancer Center Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences

Georgia R. Sadler, MBA, PhD & Lawrence Alfred, PhD

8-10 UCSD freshmen, sophomores, and community college transfer students from underserved populations receive 8 weeks of summer laboratory and classroom training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences followed by participation in UCSD cancer research mentors’ laboratories during the school year. To date, 131 students have been trained through the CURE program.

Interested Applicants


Name School Major
Anais OrtizUC San DiegoHuman Biology
Pamela YgrubayUC San Diego

Former Trainees

Name School Major Year
Carlos AraujoUC San DiegoNeuroscience2014
Mare DiazUC San DiegoChemical Engineering2014
Ayanna JenkinsUC San DiegoBiology2014
Johnathan LutzkeUC San DiegoComputer Science2014
Motasim MalikUC San DiegoBiology2014
Joyce SahagunUC San DiegoGeneral Biology2014
Monica SiasUC San DiegoPublic Health2014
Iveth Ruiz-SoteloUC San DiegoStatistics and Dance2014
Anh TranUC San DiegoPsychology2014
Sean HuiUC San DiegoBiological Sciences: Biochemistry and Cell Biology2013
Elzbeth IslasUC San DiegoPsychology2013
Brandon KhuuUC San DiegoBiochemistry/Chemistry2013
Jacqueline Thanh Thao LeUC San DiegoChemistry2013
Mayra I. LucasUC San DiegoBiochemistry and Cell Biology2013
Alejandra PerezUC San DiegoPhysiology and Neuroscience2013
Martha SolanoUC San DiegoPre-medical2013
Dinara UssenovaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaChemical Engineering2013

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