Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

Funding Sources

UCSD grants supporting almost 100% oncology research trainees at UCSD

Grant Name Funding Source Program Director (Dept) Annual Budget ($)
Cancer Prev. & Crr. Res. and Practice Track (CPCRPT) ACS L. Hill MD (Prev. Med) --------
Cancer Researcher in Nanotechnology (CRIN) NIH-NCI-R25-CA153915 R. Mattrey MD et al (Radiology) 298,796
Cancer Therapeutics Training Program (CT2) NIH-NCI-T32-CA121938 S. Howell M. D. (Medicine) 502,328
Interdiciplinary Stem Cell Training Program (ISCPT) CIRM S. Evans P.D. (Pharmacy) --------
Biochem of Growth Regulation and Oncogenesis NIH-NCI-T32-CA009523 D. Donoghue (Chem/BioChem) 585,516
SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership NIH-NCI-U54-CA132384 A. Navarro et al (Prev. Med) 1,330,590
Mesa College/UCSD Bridges to the Baccalaureate NIH-NIGMS-R25GM073590 G. Sadler Ph.D. (Surgery) 217,346
Creating Scientists to Address Cancer Disparities (CSP) NIH-NCI-R25-CA132699 G. Sadler Ph.D. (Surgery) 272,299
Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE) NIH-NCI-P30CA023100 G. Sadler Ph.D. (Surgery) 75,000
Emerging Technology Research Experiences (ET-CURE) NIH-NCI-CCSG-supplement A. Kummel Ph.D. (Chem/BioChem) 75,000
Training in Cancer Cell Biology NIH-NCI-T32-CA067754 M. Farquhar Ph.D. (Biology) 240,396

UCSD grants supporting oncology and other research trainees at UCSD

Grant Name Funding Source Program Director (Dept) Annual Budget ($)
Molecular Biophysics Training Program NIH-NIGMS-T32-GM008326 S. Taylor Ph.D. (Chem/BioChem) 399,516
Graduate Training Program in BioInformatics NIH-NIGMS-T32-GM008806 S. Subramanian Ph.D. (BioEng) 298,372
Medical Scientist Training Program NIH-NIGMS-T32-GM007198 P. Insel MD (Pharmacology) 1,311,702
Training Clinical Scientists in Radiological Imaging NIH-NIBIB-T32-5T32EB005970 R. Mattrey MD (Radiology) 169,670

C3 partner grants supporting 100% oncology research trainees at C3

Grant Name Funding Source Program Director (Dept) Annual Budget ($)
C3 - Transdiciplinary Training in Cancer Biology NIH-NIGMS-T32-CA121949 Z. Ronai (Burnham) 376,845
C3 - Cell Regulation, Differentiation, and Cancer NIH-NIGMS-T32-CA009370 G. Walh (Salk) 375,769

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