Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

UCSD NIH/NCI Cancer Training Grant

PI: Daniel Donaghue, PhD

The Cancer Training Grant currently has funding for five predoctoral trainees, seven postdoctoral trainees, and one postdoctoral minority to initiate their cancer focused research. The 34 training faculty are nearly all members of the UCSD cancer center and many have laboratories in the cancer center.

Interested Applicants

Pre-Doctoral Trainees

Name Year Mentor Research project
Annie Chou2015Anthony R. HunterRegulatory effects of TDP2 in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)
Matt Jaremko2015-2016Michael D. BurkartRevealing new first-in-class molecules for the treatment of leukemia
Taha Rakhshandehroo2015-2016David A. ChereshManipulating αvβ3 expression to suppress tumor stemness
H. Thien Nguyen2015-2016Gourisankar GhoshRegulation of gene expression by NF-kB RelA

Post-Doctoral Trainees

Name Year Mentor Research project
Jacob M. Gonzalez2015-2016David A. ChereshExploring the functional role of Oct4/Nanog in a non-canonical integrin β3-driven pathway in epithelial carcinomas
Charles Benjamin Naman2015-2016William H. GerwickAnticancer drug discovery from marine Cyanobacteria
Juliati Rahajeng2014-2015Seth J. FieldUnderstanding How the GOLPH3 Pathway Links the Golgi to Cancer
Kyle Richard Spinler2015-2016Tannishtha ReyaUnderstanding drug resistance in pediatric and adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Amy Haseley Thorne2015Frank B. FurnariRole of FOXP1 in glioblastoma multiforme
Ty Dale Troutman2015-2016Christopher T. GlassNon-coding enhancer RNA as a cell/tissue specific therapeutic target

Former Pre-Doctoral Trainees

Name Year Mentor Research project
Justin Hammons2011-2013Michael BurkartIsolation, Modification, and Synthesis of Anticancer Polyketide Natural Products in Discovery of New Anticancer Therapeutics
Emily Mevers2011-2014William GerwickSolid Tumor Anticancer Drug Discovery from Tropical Marine Cyanobacteria

Former Post-Doctoral Trainees

Name Year Mentor Research project
Ray Fox2012-2013Tannishtha ReyaThe Role of Musashi Proteins in Solid Cancer
Sara Gorjestani2012-2013Judy VarnerRoles of PI3-Kinase Gamma and its Effectors in Inflammation, Immunosuppression and Fibrosis Associated with Pancreatic Cancer
Lorena Puto2012-2013Tony HunterEvaluation of the Role of DAXX in Autophagy and Pathogenesis of Prostate Cancer

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