Moores Cancer Center

Training Programs

Training Clinical Scientists in Radiological Imaging

Deptartment of Radiology

Director: Robert Mattrey, MD

This program is designed to train the future generation of clinician-scientists. It is an integrated research and clinical training program that exposes the trainee to approximately 1.5 years of dedicated laboratory research and 3.5 years of clinical experience.

Interested Applicants


Name Department Class Mentor
Farshad Moradi, MD, PhDRadiology2014Richard Buxton, PhD (Radiology)
Sidhartha Tavri, MBBSRadiology2014Robert F. Mattrey, MD (Radiology)
August Tuan, MD, PhDRadiology2014Eric Halgren, PhD (Radiology)
Rahul S. Desikan, MD, PhDRadiology2015Anders Dale, PhD (Radiology)
Michael E. Hahn, MD, PhDRadiology2015Nathan Gianneschi, PhD (Chemistry)
David S. Heister, MD, PhDRadiology2016Jim Brewer, MD, PhD (Radiology)
Linda McEvoy (Radiology)
Paul M. Murphy, MD, PhDRadiology2016Claude Sirlin, MD (Radiology)
Emilia Olson, MD, PhDRadiology2016Robert F. Mattrey, MD (Radiology)
Christopher Malone, MDRadiology2017Robert F. Mattrey, MD (Radiology)
Kazim Narsinh, MDRadiology2017
Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD PhDRadiology2017Anders Dale, PhD (Radiology)
David Karow, MD PhD (Radiology)
Haydee Ojeda-Fournier, MD (Radiology)
Khaled Restom, MDRadiology2018
Vipul Sheth, MD PhDRadiology2018Jiang Du, PhD (Radiology)
Graeme M. Bydder, MD (Radiology)
Alexander Vezeridis, MD PhDRadiology2018Robert F. Mattrey, MD (Radiology)
Andrew Sung, MDRadiology2019
Ghiam Yamin, MD PhDRadiology2019Anders Dale, PhD (Radiology)
Brendon BagleyRadiology2020
Neal Corson, MD PhDRadiology2020
Junsung RhoRadiology2020
William James TomRadiology2020

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